Weird Laws

Posted on Tuesday, April 24, 2012 by Farida Palupi

The above legal maxim translates into The Law Does Not Concern Itself With Trifles. Go through the following list of bizarre laws and you'll be tempted to utter a big "REALLY??"

Some Real Weird Laws in the U.S.

Let's take a look at some queer laws in the U.S.A. before we warm up to those in other countries.

In Iowa, it is illegal for horses (of all things!!) to eat fire hydrant.
In Florida, it is illegal to have sexual intercourse with porcupines ( what the ****!)
In Vermont, a woman must get written permission from her husband to wear false teeth!
You run the risk of breaking a state law if you get a fish drunk in Ohio (am I on glue or does it really say getting a fish drunk!!).
In Kentucky, carrying an ice cream cone in your pocket is illegal (people really do that kind of thing?).
In Oklahoma, you can land in prison for making faces at a dog (is PETA listening? Could it get any more ethical than this?).
In Los Angeles, it is illegal to bathe two babies in the same tub at the same time.
An Illinois state law requires a man's female companion to call him Master while on a date. This does not apply to married couples though! (Kinda S&M, I must say!!)
In Carmel, New York, it is illegal for a man to be seen in public wearing pants and jacket that do not match.
In Youngstown, Ohio, you are playing with the law if you run out of gas!
In Oklahoma, it is against the law to have a sleeping donkey in your bathtub after 7 PM. (!?!?).
Under a state law in Alabama, anyone who wears a fake mustache in church and causes "unseemly laughter" is liable to face imprisonment!
In Fairbanks, Alaska, it is illegal for moose to mate on city streets (really, I'm speechless!).
In California, it is illegal to set up a mouse trap without holding a hunting license.
California state law prohibits peeling oranges in hotel rooms!
In El Monte, it is prohibited for horses to fall asleep in bathtubs if not accompanied by their riders (who also must be sleeping).
In Los Angeles, a man is legally permitted to beat his wife with a leather belt or strap, provided such belt or strap be not more than 2 inches wide; consent of wife is necessary for beating her with the aforementioned appendages that are wider than 2 inches. (Husband, taking out his belt: There is too much salt in the food, woman; it's time you got a lesson! With due respect, may I hit you with a 4 inch wide belt?)
In Arcadia, it is unlawful for young women to drink coffee after 6 PM. (should have a time limit for man's beer drinking as well!)
In Miami, it is prohibited to imitate animals.
In Utah, birds are entitled to a right of way on any public highway.
A Virginian statute, included in the Code of 1933, prohibits corrupt practices or bribery by any person except political candidates! (I really don't get the point of this one!)
In Baltimore, Maryland, it is against the law to take lions to movies.

Strange Laws All Over The World

Below list covers some of the world's strangest laws and these often make us doubt the sanity of the lawmakers as well as ponder upon the circumstances which required such laws to be made!

In the Unite Kingdom, it is illegal to die in the Houses of the Parliament. (Hmm...calls for better 'death planning')
In Australia, it is against the law to roam the streets wearing black clothes and felt shoes with black shoe polish smeared on the face as these are regarded as the tools of cat burglars.
In Israel, you could be prosecuted for picking your nose on Sunday (Israelis suffering from nasal allergies must wish they had detachable noses!).
In Samoa, it is against the law to forget one's wife's birthday. (I like! I like!)
In Cannes, France, wearing Jerry Lewis mask is illegal.
In Indonesia, prosecution for masturbation is decapitation!
Under the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, women were prohibited from wearing white socks, fearing men might find that attractive!
In Milan, Italy, you must always wear a smile on your face or end up paying a fine, except when you're headed for the hospital or a funeral.
Students caught cheating during exams are imprisoned in Bangladesh.
Lebanese men are allowed to indulge in sexual acts with female animals; if caught with male animals, the punishment is death.
In 16th and 17th century Turkey, drinking coffee was illegal and punishable by death!
In some Middle Eastern countries, it is a mortal sin to consume the flesh of a lamb with whom you engage in sexual intercourse. (Yeah! The lamb's sure gonna appreciate the kindness, even after you violate it!)
In Cali, Colombia, bride's mother must be present in the nuptial chamber the first time a woman has sex with her husband to witness the act. (I wonder what role mommy plays during the entire session; i.e., if at all it manages to take place in front of her!!).
In Denmark, vehicles are legally required to be driven with their headlights on - even during the day.
It is illegal to access the Internet in Burma and doing so is punishable with imprisonment.

There are many more of these crazy laws which never cease to amaze and confound! The reasons behind most of these weird laws is unexplainable; I mean, has anyone really, seriously been found putting a donkey to sleep in a bathtub (irrespective of the time!)?? Really? I have no idea! However, these laws never fail to give a good laugh and some interesting fodder to kill time! If you know of more such unbelievably absurd laws, do add them along! We can have some jolly good time sharing them! On a parting note, I would like to quote Aristotle: The law is reason free from passion. I wish he were alive to take a look at these laws - wonder what he would have had to say about reason after going through these legislations!

Radar Detector Laws

Posted on Monday, April 16, 2012 by Farida Palupi

A radar detector is an electronic device used to detect the radar waves. The radar detectors that are used nowadays are capable of detecting signals of various wavelength bands, including 'K', 'X', 'Ku' and 'Ka'. Radar detectors are however able to detect only the doppler radar. They detectors catch the electromagnetic waves produced by the radar guns using a 'superheterodyne receiver' and raise an alarm.

Laws for Radar Detector
To have a radar detector installed in a vehicle is termed illegal under the laws of many countries. It could result into the radar detector being seized and the user might have to pay fines as per the rules. The following points provide information regarding the radar detector laws of different countries.

United Kingdom: It is legal to use the radar detectors in the United Kingdom, however, as per the 'Wireless Telegraphy Act' passed in 1949, technically these devices cannot be used.
Australia: The use of a radar detector is termed illegal in Australia, except for the state of Western Australia. A person possessing this device might have to pay a fine up to 1200 AUD, and can earn as many as 9 de-merit points.
Canada: The radar detector can be used only in the states of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Substantial fines are imposed by the police for illegal possession of the device in the other states of Canada.
Belgium: Using radar detectors is illegal in Belgium. In the year 2006, a vehicle worth 75,000 euros was seized and the driver's license was suspended for 3 months for illegal possession of a radar detector.
Germany: It is illegal to use radar detectors in Germany. Possession of this device results into confiscation and destruction along with a fine of 75 euros.
Greece: Illegal possession of a radar detector leads to driving license suspension for 30 days, a fine of 2000 euros and car registration license suspension for 60 days.
France: It is illegal to use radar detectors in France. Even if the device is not in active use, police can confiscate it and impose heavy fines on the user.
Ireland: The law under which the radar detectors are confiscated in Ireland is known as 'Speed Meter Detectors'. Although the penalty amount is not fixed, confiscation of the device and imposition of hefty fines could be the consequences of illegal possession.
Switzerland: The radar detectors are confiscated and destroyed if possessed illegally.

Radar Detector State Laws
In the state of Virginia and the US capital city of Washington D.C., the possession of radar detector is termed illegal. As per the state laws of New York, Illinois and New Jersey, it is illegal to carry the detectors in commercial vehicles (vehicles weighing over 4,500 kg.). In the states of California, Minnesota and New York the items which obstruct the vision of the driver are prohibited by law. The radar detectors come under the category of these items, and thus it is indirectly prohibited. Earlier, the illegal possession of radar detectors was penalized by confiscation of the device itself. However, confiscation results into the violation of property rights. Thus, even if the device is found in the vehicle, it is returned to the owner after entering its description (i.e. model, make and serial number) on the ticket.

Radar technology is used in the form of ground penetration radar equipment along with that in the radar detectors. With the invention of the radar, laws were made to prevent the misuse of this technology.

Radar detector laws of different countries mentioned above would help in avoiding a penalty. In some countries, the use of the radar detector is completely banned, while few others permit its usage without any legal clauses attached to it. Thus, one should understand the laws of his respective country/state and follow them. 

Fields of Law

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 by Farida Palupi

Rules and regulations are the order of life. They are essential to maintain peace and harmony in the society. Laws are essential so that the freedom of one person doesn't become the problem for another. Laws allow people to safeguard their rights as well fulfill their duties effectively. With increasing number of frauds and problems in all aspects of life, the fields of law too are getting wider day by day. And it is certainly not possible for every lawyer to be an expert of all the fields or study all types of laws. So the lawyers generally choose a field or two that they are interested in and excel in that. If you wish to be a master of one of the growing fields of law, then read further.

Different Types of Law

Criminal Law: These are one of the classic laws and are present in almost all the countries in different forms. As the name suggests, the criminal laws deal with crimes and personal liberty. Criminal defense lawyers carry out various legal investigations to save their accused clients from the punishment or from being sentenced as guilty.

Corporate Law: This law allows people to carry out their business and company proceedings in a legal manner. Most of the corporate companies need legal advice and so they appoint a lawyer who studies the details of the contracts and business deals if they fit in the legal frame.

Family Law: Family is the basic unit of the society and hence, it is important to have special family laws that would help in solving family and relationship problems. Divorce, alimony, and adoption, etc., are some of the most common disputable issues that come up in family courts.

Juvenile Law: Juvenile laws are made to deal with delinquent behavior of children. Children are treated differently and are supported with various provisions under these laws. In most of the countries, children under the age of 18 years are dealt with juvenile laws and their court cases are handled differently than that of adults.

Intellectual Property Law: This law is associated with protecting a person's idea, invention, creation, or discovery. It deals with rights and duties of the inventors. These law includes trademarks, patents, and copyright acts. Intellectual property lawyers also provide litigation support to their clients.

Real Estate Law: It can also be coined as construction and land laws. A real estate attorney helps his clients invest or buy a land or property that is free of any legal problems. Real estate lawyers deals with documents and issues related to sales and purchase of the land or a building and development of the property, etc. he also makes sure that no action by the clients violates the laws.

Environment Law: With increasing awareness about environment problems, a lot of environment laws are created to reduce the environment problems. The environment specialist lawyers typically deal with air and water pollution, waste management, chemical control, and securing public rights and environment.

Educational Laws: Educational laws are meant to deal with schools, colleges, and various educational institutes. Education lawyers work on tuition frauds, fake institutes, salary issues, selection and retention of different directors, teachers, and other staff members etc.

Apart from these, there are many other fields of law that you may wish to gain expertise in:

Health Laws
Insurance laws
Immigration Laws
Taxation Laws
Baking Laws
Credit Card Laws
Sports Laws
Entertainment Laws
International Laws
Civil Rights Laws
Labor Laws
Human Rights Laws
Social Security Laws
Religious Laws
Consumer Protection Laws
Compensation Law
Admiralty Laws
Equity Laws
Property Laws
Trusts and Charity Laws

You can do your specialization in any of the aforementioned fields.

There are different types of lawyers and their salaries depend on their work experience, financial status of the firm, and severity of the case they are handling. It is generally at the last year of law school that you would be allowed to choose the subjects you are interested in. You must choose the subjects that are close to your interest field. You must also complete your internship with a firm working in the similar fields of law. After getting significant experience and practice you may work individually, start your own firm, or join a good lawyer's firm.