Window Tinting Laws

Posted on Saturday, November 10, 2012 by Farida Palupi

The car laws that are applicable to you will differ from state to state in the United States and the reasons for these laws to be passed is quite clear to see. There are many reasons why an individual would choose to tint his/her car windows. The temperature within the car stays lower, the car looks more attractive, and some people even do it for some medical reasons. Even though there are exceptions that can be made in the case of medical reasons, everyone must adhere to these when getting their car's windows tinted under any circumstances.

Each state has their own auto laws that are to be followed, and it is the state's Police Department that decides these laws. The contents of include the amount of light that must pass through a tinted window. The downside of window tinting is reduced visibility, on the outside and on the inside. If the windows are heavily tinted the driver may sometimes be unable to see things that are by the side the automobile, clearly. This is an extremely dangerous scenario and one that can be avoided. On the other hand, there should be some degree of visibility for people on the outside to look inside the car.

Common Window Tinting Rules
The main purpose for which these laws are passed, according to the state traffic codes, are 'light transmittance' and 'luminous reflectance'. Both these factors greatly affect the visibility through the window, and if the level of tint exceeds the permissible level, it can be dangerous for many people. It goes without saying that the windshield can have absolutely no tint whatsoever.

Most auto manufacturers provide tinted glass from their production line itself, and such cars are always compliant with the laws of the state. The problem occurs, when people decide to get their windows tinted by themselves. They are usually unaware of the state laws regarding tinted windows and end up violating the law as a result. If you are deciding to tint your windows, visit a bigger tuck shop who can give you accurate and reliable information about the laws. It is difficult for an individual to estimate the amount of light that enters through a tinted window, so the help of a Government inspector or a private licensed professional may also help. These people check the 'light transmittance' and the 'luminous reflectance' using an advanced photometer.

Window tinting has become very popular amongst people who wish to customize and personalize their cars. The attractiveness of the car goes up greatly with tints, according to some people. This is well and good as long as it is done within the permissible limits, but most people end up violating state law. Most people commit this crime simply due to ignorance, but some people know better. Others visit some shop who charges lower and unknowingly break the law. It is important to follow the laws not just for your own safety on the road, but for the safety of those around you as well. Highly reflective tints can lead to many serious accidents and collisions.

There are certain exceptions and exemptions in some states for medical reasons. People who have a genuine medical problem can avail these exemptions and tint their windows differently. Proper licensing and certification is absolutely necessary for this though, and some states do not even consider the cases of any exceptions, no matter how grave they may be.

If one is found violating these laws he/she can be fined or given a ticket. If the tinted window is not changed immediately, and if the person is repeatedly caught offending the law, their license can also be revoked. This is a matter that the traffic authorities take very seriously and it must not be ignored at any cost. 

Criminal Justice Careers for Women

Posted on Sunday, November 4, 2012 by Farida Palupi

Making a career in criminal justice although not impossible for a woman can be challenging. Criminal justice jobs require an educational background in the respective discipline. If you have prior experience in this field, through some voluntary work or by some other means, it is always advantageous. If you are still a student and your goal is to make a career in criminal justice, then you must explore the job opportunities in this field. Jobs pertaining to enforcement of laws, working in crime laboratories, courts and forensics are high in demand. However, you need proper degrees and a few years of experience to step into higher posts.

Careers for Women in Criminal Justice

No matter what your designation is, you have to prove yourself expert in conducting investigations, surveys, maintaining records or analyzing data. Such type of careers become challenging for individuals because it involves dealing with different types of people and sometimes it could lead to field work as well. The nature of your job will further depend upon whether you are working for federal government or at the state level. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is one such department where you can look for high level jobs. The State Crime Commissions, Narcotics Bureaus and State Courts also offer immense employment opportunities for women.

Law Enforcement Careers
Jobs in law enforcement have become one of the most sought after career for women and they are taking keen interest in this field. The job basically entails maintaining discipline on the road, rail and air and to ensure the laws are executed properly. Initially you can join as an assistant but with experience you will gradually be promoted to higher designations. Federal law enforcement careers are high paying and scopes of jobs are also ample. Some of those demanding jobs are:

Police Officer
Conservation Officer
Juvenile Justice
Park Police
Correctional Officers
Immigration Enforcement Agent
Public Safety Officer
Community Liaison Officer
FBI Special Agent
Airport Security Officer
Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officer

Careers in Criminology
Criminologists are engaged in tasks, where they study behavior of criminals and analyze crime. They also undertake the responsibility of molding society's attitude towards people who are victims of communal violence and crime. The science of criminology also deals with investigating correctional facilities, like rehabilitation and penalty. Along with police and other investigating agencies, they are employed in universities and other types of educational settings where they ensure juvenile justice and enforce administrative policies. Criminologists also work with communities, federal and justice agencies for the same purpose. Local government services also hire criminologists for monitoring public safety. Since the job is basically related with the society, it is perfect for women since they know how to offer care. You can look for the following job opportunities in this discipline.

Medical Investigation
Criminal Investigation
Financial Fraud Investigation
Studies related with women's welfare
Private Investigation

Forensic and Crime Analysts
This is one of the most well suited criminal justice careers for women. Forensic science is a highly prospective field where you need to analyze samples and data to trace the convict. Crime laboratory analysts work in forensic laboratories and departments to find out the history of a crime and its associates. The job is interesting since you investigate thoroughly by employing different scientific techniques. To get a decent job in this field, you must hold a degree in forensic science. Many times you need to visit crime sites for collecting samples and checking clues. The techniques are highly sophisticated and so is the job. Some prestigious jobs for women in forensic science are:

Forensic Psychologist
Crime Scene Investigator
Forensic Pathologist
Forensic Serologist

This field is also a kind of social service to the country and its people, since you are protecting it against crime and communal violence. Criminal justice courses could also be done online and it would be an added advantage to you if you want to build a career in this field.